We provide comprehensive support in the processes of obtaining financing, extending full scope of legal services in particular for loan facilities, bonds and mezzanine financing.

We have experience in representing both sides of the financing transaction, able to act on behalf of both the party providing and obtaining the funds. This includes banks, financial institutions, mezzanine funds, bondholders and bond issuers.

We provide our Clients with legal assistance in above matters, in particular in the area of:

  • Creating and negotiating financing documents, including mezzanine credit/ loan facilities, documentation related to bond issuance and establishment of collateral;
  • Preparing and negotiating documentation enabling transfer of receivables and documentation used to settle transactions, including escrow accounts.

We advise our Clients on acqusition finance i.e.: obtaining financing for acquisition of shares, stock or assets of other entities, including leveraged buyouts and corporate finance.

We deliver legal assistance during restructuring transactions for existing pools of debt, including projects encompassing receivables transfers also in combination with their corresponding collateral.