We offer our Clients comprehensive transaction and regulatory advice for public and private companies, including in the field of:


  • we advise companies in the process of obtaining financing on the public and private market in the issue of financial instruments, including the issue of shares (also under pre-IPO), bonds and convertible bonds;
  • we advise on the sale and purchase of significant blocks of shares in public companies, including calls for the sale of shares;
  • we also provide comprehensive advice to public companies in connection with the acquisition of control, including the preparation of the process of providing information as part of the due diligence process.


  • we comprehensively support the process of admitting the company to the regulated market of GPW S.A. and to the alternative trading system on New Connect or Catalyst;
  • we provide legal service in the process of corporate restructuring of a company in order to adapt its structure and internal regulations to the regulations applicable to public companies and to the expectations of potential investors;
  • we advise on the process of delisting the public company;


  • we advise our Clients on the proper performance of disclosure obligations under the MAR regulation and national and EU regulations applicable to public companies;
  • we support shareholders, members of the supervisory board and the management board as well as managerial staff in the assessment and proper implementation of disclosure obligations;
  • we conduct comprehensive trainings for managerial staff and key employees in the scope of performing information obligations.


  • we provide ongoing corporate services for public companies;
  • we supervise and monitor the operations of companies on behalf of the owners and members of supervisory boards;
  • we participate in structuring the corporate governance process;
  • we create managerial and option programs;
  • we advise on the squeeze out process.